Okiagari Koboshi (34 ″ H)

Condition: Used (without box and instructions)
Size: 34″H × 22″W × 22″D mm

It is a local toy that has been handed down in Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture.
It is a toy that has a history of more than 400 years and is still loved.
It's small, but even if you knock it over, it will stand up.
The face is drawn with magic instead of a brush, giving it a cute expression that makes you feel attached.


  • Since it is a second-hand item, please note that it may be slightly dusty, stains or damaged over time.
  • Please note that it is vulnerable to moisture.
  • Since it is a used item, the main body (or the attached box) has small scratches and dirt.
  • Please check the image in advance for the condition of second-hand goods.If you have any questions, please be sure to contact us before purchasing.
  • It cannot be returned after purchase.Please purchase after careful consideration.

It is said to have started in the early Edo period when the lord of the Aizu domain ordered the feudal retainers to make it as a side job during the winter and put it on sale during the New Year holidays.
It has long been regarded as a lucky charm as it stands up immediately after falling down.
Koboshi is a word that means a child, and it seems that the size is generally small, about 3 centimeters.The head is pointed, and the expression drawn with thin lines is unique, and each one is hand-painted, so the expression is slightly different.
Also known as "Okihime", it is said that the silk moth molts "wakes up", so in the Tohoku region where silk moths are flourishing, it is also popular as a talisman for sericulture with the hope that good quality cocoons can be obtained. It seems to be.