Nanban bell black

Condition: Used
サイズ: 124″H × 70″W × 61″D mm

It is a bell with a beautiful tone that is full of exoticism in Beppu City, Oita.


  • Since it is a second-hand item, please note that it may be slightly dusty, stains or damaged over time.
  • Please note that it is vulnerable to water.
  • Since it is a used item, the main body (or the attached box) has small scratches and dirt.
  • Please check the image in advance for the condition of second-hand goods.If you have any questions, please be sure to contact us before purchasing.
  • It cannot be returned after purchase.Please purchase after careful consideration.

Two years after Francis Xavier came to Japan in 1549, he went to Oita City and offered Christian mission to Sorin Otomo, the landlord of Bungo, and agreed to it.
Since then, many missionaries have come to live, Christianity under Sorin has spread to various places, and various facilities such as Deusu-do and elementary schools have been built, which has made it a town with Western culture and an exotic atmosphere.
The origin of the Nanban bell is that while remembering the sound of the Angelus bell (prayer of the announcement, the bell of the announcement), the figure of the great pioneer Christian daimyo Sorin Francisco and the figure of the Nanban people are expressed with clay bells.
In Kasugaura, Oita City, Oita Prefecture, there is a statue of Sorin Otomo along with a monument to the Nanban trade site.


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