Yin and Yang Amulet Doshin Mask April "Naru"

Condition: Used (without box and manual)
Size: Approximately 95″H × 75″W × 25″D mm

Doshin Mask April "Naru"... Joy is in your dreams Hurry up
Dojin mask is a folk toy made so that you can bring into your home the "dosojin" enshrined at the roadside such as mountain passes, crossroads, and village borders as a god that wards off evil spirits and epidemics.
The masks are made in the image of one of the rekinotes, which represent the fortune and fortune, such as the date, time, and direction, and are created based on the meaning of each one.
There are various wishes such as the guardian deity of travel, matchmaking, etc. Based on that, primitive, eccentric, wild and free expressions, wonder and simplicity are expressed as they are as masks, and they are also used as folk materials. A valuable piece of woodwork.

It is the work of Mr. Ranson Miyata.No Nihon Mingeisha seal.No box and instructions.


  • Since it is an old item, please understand that some dust stains, stains and damage due to aging are the charms of old tools.
  • Please note that it is vulnerable to water.
  • Since it is a used item, the main body (or the attached box) has small scratches and dirt.
  • Please check the image in advance for the condition of second-hand goods.If you have any questions, please be sure to contact us before purchasing.
  • It cannot be returned after purchase.Please purchase after careful consideration.

Dojin mask handed down in Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture.
It is said that in 1954, Mr. Ranson Miyata, who had been researching Dosojin for many years, started producing folk toys that could be brought into the house.
In addition to wood carvings, there are also ones made of Japanese paper.

Yin-Yang Demon Eliminates Dao God Face


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