Akasaka Clay Doll Fox Gidayu

Condition: Used (without box and instructions)
サイズ: 81″H × 57″W × 35″D mm



  • 古い物ですので、色褪せや埃汚れ、経年によるシミや傷みは古道具の持つ魅力としてご理解いただける方のご購入をお勧めします。
  • Please note that it is vulnerable to water.
  • Since it is a used item, the main body (or the attached box) has small scratches and dirt.
  • Please check the image in advance for the condition of second-hand goods.If you have any questions, please be sure to contact us before purchasing.
  • It cannot be returned after purchase.Please purchase after careful consideration.

Chikugo-Akasaka-no-Sato is known as a production area for Akasaka-yaki pottery, which has been known as a kiln for the Arima clan since the middle of the Edo period.Also known as teteppo (meaning clumsy or clumsy), there are many flutes, and they have been popular as children's toys and folk crafts.
The production technique is simple. Clay is filled into the female mold, then pasted together, removed from the mold, and fired as it is. It is colored with edible dyes, and has a unique simplicity, taste, and warm warmth.It is said that several doll shops used to make dozens of different types of dolls, but now only Akasaka Ame Honpo remains, and dozens of different types of dolls are still being made.

One of Japan's top 100 local toys is also introduced as follows: "If you visit Akasaka in Chikugo, you will find a truly nostalgic and heartwarming earthen doll waiting quietly for you."In addition to flutes such as pigeon flutes and owl flutes, there are more than ten types of dolls such as Fukusuke, Tenjin, and monkeys.


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