Toyama clay doll, Bell ANCIENT-DOG


Condition: New (with body and box)
サイズ: 85″W × 45″D × 65″H mm

一つ一つ手づくりの素朴で愛らしい表情の土人形である「土鈴 古代犬」。

Toyama clay dolls are handmade traditional folk crafts that incorporate Toyama's industry, traditions, and customs.It is manufactured with a workshop in the folk art village to protect and introduce Toyama's traditional local toys to people.

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History of Toyama clay dolls:
Toshiyasu Maeda, the lord of the Toyama teenage feudal lord during the Kaei era (1848-54), called Hidenobu Hirose, a potter of the Kato family, to Toyama, built a kiln in the Chitose palace, and then made a Chitose kiln. While Yasujiro made pottery, Tenjin Wo baked a beef kiln and presented it to Toyama clay dolls.
At that time, there were several clay doll shops in the castle, but only the Watanabe family (founded in 1970) who learned the technique from the Hirose family continued to keep the tradition as a family business.
However, because there was no successor to the third generation of the Watanabe family, Nobuhide Watanabe was the instructor in Toyama City in 1983 to recruit students to make dolls and formed the "Toyama Earth Doll Tradition Society". In 1997, Mr. Nobuhide was old (83 years old), so he put an end to the making of clay dolls that he had been protecting for many years, and entrusted all the work of the patterns and techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation to the "Toyama clay doll tradition society".Currently, the "Traditional Society" is continuing its activities to pass on this traditional technique to future generations.


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