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Journal of the Japan Folk Art Association
Publisher Japan Folk Art Association
Issued on April 1, 1980
Cover Pattern of Kasuri from Sumba Island
Sumba dyeing and weaving: Fusami Tanaka
Specialty of Sumba dyeing and weaving Machiko Watanabe
Graff Sumba Kasuri
Soetsu Yanagi Research Material Fujimi's World of Law (2) … Hiroshi Mizuo
Contemporary Japanese Folk Crafts (9)
Kochi, Ehime, Tottori, Shimane, Okayama, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi
Tohoku Kiln Tour (1) Aomori Prefecture: Kyotsugu Kondo
Crafts - Origins and traditions of pottery (9) Kichiemon Okamura
1980 Japanese Folk Crafts Summer School Information
News from the Japan Folk Crafts Association (Kagoshima Association formed, Mr. Morotani as chairman of Nagasaki)
News from the Japan Folk Crafts Museum (donation added)
Information on the 34th Japan Folk Crafts Association National Convention
Local association news
Started construction of the Kyoto Folk Crafts Museum
New Year's ceremony folk art tea ceremony (Osaka)
Local Folk Crafts Association Locations
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Mr. Muneyoshi Yanagi, who called the products created by the hands of nameless craftsmen "folk crafts," or "folk crafts," advocated a new value of beauty. In 1925, the word "folk art" was coined, and in 1934, the Japan Folk Crafts Association was established.
The Japan Folk Crafts Museum was planned by Muneyoshi Yanagi and others in 1926 and opened in 1936 as the home of the Mingei Movement, which aims to spread the new concept of beauty called "folk crafts" and to "make beauty a daily life." .
The magazine "Mingei" is a periodic publication that follows the flow of "Kogei" and "Monthly Mingei" published by the Japan Folk Crafts Association since before the war. In 1952, it was first published under the name of "Monthly Takumi" (published by Ginza Takumi Craft Shop), and in 1955, the name was changed to "Mingei", and it continues to be published today, such as introducing the current state of folk crafts and handicrafts in various places. I'm here.


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